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1-2 Ads + 5 Day Basic Day Campaign Setup.
1-4 Ads + 14 Standard Day Campaign Setup.
1-6 Ads + PREMIUM 30 Day Campaign Setup.
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Comprehensive Facebook and Instagram Ads Management by a (Verified) Specialist

“Welcome to our Facebook Ads Campaign Manager service!

Here’s what we require from you:

  • An Onboarding chat was conducted via Google Meets.
  • Unrestricted access to your Business Ads Manager.
  • An active Facebook Business Page.
  • Images/Videos for the Ads.

Our team specializes in curating Facebook Ad campaigns tailored for e-commerce, dropshipping, lead generation, and local businesses on both Facebook and Instagram.

Our campaign creation process integrates automated A/B testing, targeted campaigns for various audience temperatures, remarketing initiatives, utilization of lookalike audiences, and an array of other strategies to ensure optimal outcomes.

Thank you for considering our service. Feel free to reach out if you have any inquiries. I’m eagerly looking forward to your order.”

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Basic Package
Standard Package
Premium Package
Basic Campaign
1-2 Ads + 5 Day Basic Day Campaign Setup
Standard Campaign
1-4 Ads + 14 Standard Day Campaign Setup
Premium Campaign
1-6 Ads + PREMIUM 30 Day Campaign Setup
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Target Audience Research
Campaign Setup
Campaign Optimization
Ads Analytical Report
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What People Loved About Our Service

Jason T. Jenkins Nutrition Director

R3volution AD Services has taken our Facebook and Instagram advertising to the next level. Their specialist not only understands the platforms inside and out but also knows how to tailor campaigns to our specific audience. We've seen a significant increase in engagement and conversions since partnering with them. Highly recommended!

Charlotte J. May Tour guide

We were skeptical about outsourcing our ad management, but R3volution AD Services exceeded our expectations, increasing ROI while saving us time and effort with clear, detailed monthly reports that demonstrate their value.

Francis R. Myers Semiconductor Assembler

Communication with R3volution AD Services has been exceptional. Their specialist is not just focused on running ads but also on keeping us informed every step of the way. They are open to feedback and quick to make adjustments when needed. It's a true partnership built on trust and results.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get started, all you need is a basic understanding of your business, a setup Business Ads Manager account, a setup Facebook page, and the images or videos for your ads. There is also a REQUIRED onboarding chat via google meets.

We will send you a link to book an onboarding chat with us to discuss the ads and we will help guide you on how to add us to your ad account. Once we hop off the chat and we have EVERYTHING we need to get started it takes 5 business days for our research and then the ads will be ready to launch.

Yes, We will set up your account without any extra fees if you are a new business and don't know how to set up facebook ads account so we will help you.

It's better to start with a minimal budget before we make sure that ads are profitable, however, to get quite fast results we recommend going with $10 to $15 per day at least.

Yes, We will look into your campaign and figure out the best optimization is possible and improve your campaign performance.

No, We can only guarantee targeted traffic, clicks, impressions, and views. Purchasing power is only in the hands of the visitor and it cannot be controlled. Sales will be depending on the user landing page Experience, your product and services, pricing, competition, and other marketing variables.

Yes of course, Before making it live we will show you ads for review once you approved, After that we will make it live.

We need your Facebook Ads account access as an admin.

You need to provide us your website Link, Content, Images and video's of your product & services.


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