Five Important Questions To Consider Before Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency

You are not alone if you have ever wondered or still wonder about what qualities to look out for when hiring a Digital Marketing agency. With thousands of digital marketing agencies bombarding business owners with enticing promises and misleading stats, confusion can set in and, as a result, make the process of choosing the ideal fit overwhelming.

While there is so much to gain from digital marketing agencies, falling into the wrong hands can be costly in a bad way. So, to help you make the best choice and eliminate your confusion, we have put together five vital questions to ask before hiring a digital marketing agency.

Before getting started, we want you to know that this article is not about putting down any agencies. Instead, it is a case of providing the guidance you need to grow your brand or business. With that said, let’s get right into today’s topic.


It is common to see digital marketing agencies outsource client projects because they lack a capable team. Some might say outsourcing projects is no problem if the job gets done. But here is the problem: Digital Marketing is not just about completing projects or getting the job done; the goal is to do a job that will yield great results.

You won’t be getting the best results from a digital marketing agency that outsources projects. Are you wondering why? Well, it is because when an agency is in the business of outsourcing projects, they often won’t have enough time to vet the people they choose to work on the projects.

Apart from choosing poorly vetted candidates, there is another problem involving a lack of strategy, consistency, and cohesion in the service delivery process. That is because there is no in-house team of specialists with a shared understanding of an existing service delivery process.

When choosing a digital marketing agency, do well to confirm that they have a capable team of specialists who will work strategically to deliver your business goals. Don’t fall for a digital marketing agency that hasn’t committed to investing in building an exceptional team.


When many business owners see the word cost-efficient, they interpret it as cheap. But that is not what it means. Also, we don’t advise anyone to choose marketing agencies that tag their services as “cheap.” The chances of getting results from working with such agencies are less than nothing!

For clarity, cost-efficient solutions or services are not cheap, but they give you the maximum – or more – value for every dime you spend.

For more clarity, let us put what it means to be cost-efficient into numbers.

If you already get a 25-cent profit for every $5 that goes into business, any digital marketing agency promising to optimize your business process must offer services that will yield better profit margins.

There is no point in a new investment with no potential to yield good returns. And the whole point of hiring a digital marketing agency is to improve your performance metrics across the board.

So many digital marketing agencies are guilty of wasting money on ineffective solutions. Without delivering measurable results, they make lots of sweet promises to lure you into spending more and more money. Do yourself a favor by focusing on results, not promises.


We know it seems like an obvious question, but there is a good reason for including it in this article. For now, consider this: if a digital marketing agency you are looking to hire has too many negative reviews, what are the chances that they would help you achieve your desired goals?

Dear reader, reviews have become so popular with consumers and business owners. Consumers rely on reviews to get a better idea of what experience they would have from choosing a particular brand or business.

To a great extent, reviews can make or mar the reputation of any brand. And that is because positive online reviews attract more customers while negative ones have the opposite effect.

While online reviews generally offer a great way to choose the best digital marketing agency to hire, you still have to be aware of the new evil in the online reviews world. Read on, and we will tell you all about it.

Seeing the influence online reviews can have on potential customers, many digital marketing agencies now rely on the unethical practice of showcasing fake reviews to sway unsuspecting prospects.

You can protect yourself from the sway of fake reviews by keeping your eyes out for those that are short, unspecific, and devoid of emotion. Usually, genuine customer reviews mention names, specific details about an experience, and duration.

So, apart from checking an agency’s online reviews, stay on red alert for fake reviews.


Any digital marketing agency that doesn’t have a clear message about its service delivery process isn’t the right fit for you.

Upon visiting a marketing agency’s website, identify what they are about and what makes them better/different. If their messaging contains too many vague terms and fancy words, don’t bother about making contact with them. Unclear messaging is a telling sign of incompetence and probable intent to deceive.

Digital marketing agencies of great repute are proud of telling their stories and showcasing their abilities. Their messaging is straight to the point about what they can do for you and how they would do it. A great example of a digital marketing agency with such pedigree is R3volution AD Services. You are welcome.


You will most likely reach out to several digital marketing agencies as you search for the ideal one for your business goals. One thing to pay attention to during your separate conversations is the enthusiasm with which they address your questions and concerns.

No good digital marketing agency backs down from answering questions. So, if you encounter any that isn’t happy to take your questions or provide clear answers, don’t bother to take the discussion further.

A digital marketing agency that is prepared to do all the hard work to get your brand or business to the top should happily provide answers to your questions. They should be excited about sharing details about the reality of what they can help you achieve. Anything less isn’t good enough. Don’t settle.


You are now better equipped to take on the overwhelming task of identifying and hiring the ideal digital marketing agency. As for what is next, that is up to you to make a decision.

Whatever you plan for your next steps, here is one clear thing to note: a reputable digital marketing agency can help your company go from zero to hero.

Do well to use the questions in this article as a guide, and you will have little to no problems with identifying the right digital marketing agency to hire.

To save yourself the stress of getting in touch with several agencies to ask these questions, you can first put R3volution AD Services to the test. Ask all these questions and more, and we will provide answers that prove our excellence at what we do.
One Last Thing

Before leaving, share any questions or thoughts you might have in the comments section. We will engage.

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