Is Digital Marketing Working?

Digital Marketing Working

Does Digital Marketing still work? That’s the big question on the lips of many business owners. And it is not just business owners asking this question. Even those looking to venture into business have questions about the effectiveness of digital marketing today. Seeing how the expansion of the internet has created a digital world overflowing with business opportunities, it is easy to understand why it is such an important question to answer.


We know it is what you have been yearning for, so let’s cut to the chase. The answer is YES. Digital marketing still works. And sorry, you get no rewards for guessing.
We know it is far from enough to tell you yes and leave it at that. You need proof. And proof you shall get. Here at Revolution AD Services, we have taken the pain to put together seven trends, backed up by stats, proving the effectiveness of digital marketing.

Here we go.


At least 80 percent of marketing experts report that email marketing is highly effective for driving customer acquisition and retention. To put that in simple terms, Email Marketing – done right – will bring you more customers and help with converting them into loyal fans of your brand or company. In this case, you can say email marketing is a stone that kills two birds.

When 8 in 10 experts agree on something, you know it is the real deal. So, if you are serious about boosting your customer acquisition and retention metrics, you can’t go wrong with email marketing.


80% of B2B digital marketers reported that content marketing claimed the top position as the most effective strategy for brand awareness, surpassing all other alternatives. From sending newsletters to sharing short videos and infomercials, many top brands use varied forms of content marketing to educate consumers about their unique products and services.

If you have a business or intend to start one and haven’t started harnessing the power of content marketing, here is your sign to start. Have you ever heard the phrase “the gift that keeps giving”? That gift is content marketing.


Investing in SEO can yield over 12× your campaign budget. To put that figure into perspective, every dollar you spend on SEO can generate over $12! You read that right. Twelve dollars.

Frankly, it is no surprise as an effective SEO strategy translates into increased visibility for your brand or business. SEO increases visibility by ensuring that your company ranks high on search engines so more people can see your business. And the more people see and interact with your business, the higher your sales. Now, you must be asking why you ever doubted the power of b2b digital marketing.


For anyone not familiar with the acronym CRO, it means conversion rate optimization. It is what digital marketers do to boost the percentage of high-intent website visitors (anyone who takes any desired actions on your site). If you are wondering why CRO is a thing, it might interest you to know that over 70% of conversion rate optimization campaigns increase sales.

Again, numbers don’t lie. The impact of CRO is yet another proof of the usefulness of digital marketing for business success. So, are you convinced yet? If not, read on. There is more proof for you.


A 200% return rate sounds – for lack of a better word – sweet! Google Paid Search runs the streets of money doubling. And we don’t mean money doubling involving con men because Google Search Ads yield remarkable results.

Paid advertising is the way to go if you want a b2b digital marketing solution that performs well in driving qualified traffic to your business. It will get your business in front of consumers searching for the type of products/services you offer.


At least half the number of people on Earth use social media, and the number continues to increase rapidly. The ubiquitous nature of social media provides digital marketers with a way to use its several platforms to reach desired prospects, create brand awareness, and build profitable relationships all over the globe.

Did you know that 64% of consumers spend on products/services after watching branded videos on social media? That figure represents the sheer power of social media marketing.


Did you know that showcasing great feedback from clients who use your products/services on the Internet is a form of digital marketing? The noteworthy thing about this type of marketing is the influence it commands. Around 90% of online consumers report that positive reviews inform their buying decisions.

If your business is yet to earn any positive reviews, consider optimizing your process and implementing some of the marketing strategies mentioned in this blog. And once those great reviews start coming in, showcase them like a new car!

Pro tip: to get the best results from digital marketing, invest time and resources into offering valuable products and services. Apply this tip, and it will rain reviews in your world.

There you have it. We have shown you that digital marketing still works. So, if you are still dragging your feet on utilizing digital marketing for business growth, it is time to put on your sprinting boots and speed things up.


While digital marketing is undisputed in its ability to drive growth, a world of brands and businesses continues to fail at unlocking its true powers. Top among several reasons why this happens is the use of unsophisticated and outdated marketing strategies.

Getting desirable results from digital marketing requires you to do digital marketing right. And an easy way to guarantee that you are doing it the right way is to employ the services of a reputable digital marketing agency. Revolution AD Services is that agency.


Thank you for reading to this point. As your reward, let us know (in the comments section) what insightful information you would like to see next. And as always, we will deliver.

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