Top five reasons why attorneys need digital marketing

Attorneys Need Digital Marketing


The question to ask is why wouldn’t you? With the internet’s increasing impact, it’s difficult to dispute the importance of digital marketing audits for every industry, including law, in today’s world.

Hundreds of millions – more like billions – of people spend countless hours online daily. That’s a clear indication that whatever your services are, the internet is an excellent place to connect with potential clients. 

Despite the popularity of digital marketing, we understand that you might still have questions and doubts about why you need it in your law practice.

By demonstrating how a digital marketing audit can elevate your law practice to new heights of excellence, this article aims to dispel any uncertainties you may have.


We are not saying there’s no place for traditional marketing, but as a lawyer or law firm, you stand a better chance of accessing digital marketing media. 

The widespread use of social media demonstrates the ease with which you can use digital marketing (in the form of social media marketing) to find and connect with potential clients via social media channels. 

Apart from the issue of accessibility, there is no way to get an accurate performance assessment of your traditional marketing efforts. 

For example, how can you tell the specific number of people listening to your radio ads? Can you calculate the ad conversion rate? The answer is no.

Utilizing a digital marketing audit allows you to accurately measure various aspects and make necessary adjustments to achieve your marketing objectives.


A winning strategy helps your law practice grow. And to achieve the level of growth you desire, you need to attract more clients. 

Using digital channels like Social Media helps you get your message out to attract your target audience. 

You can also use these channels to strategically create and control your brand image (how prospective clients view your law practice).

The benefit of establishing your relevance in the mind of prospects through strategic messaging and brand positioning is that it increases your chances of converting more leads. 


As an attorney, you are not out to take on every legal case. You have areas of specialization.

In that light, you want to bring in clients with cases that fall under your area(s) of specialization. 

Filtering out the kind of inquiries you are getting can be challenging, but digital marketing works like magic for simplifying the process. 

Here’s an example of how:

Let’s say you are a divorce attorney looking to connect with prospects that need divorce attorneys. 

You can use SEO to optimize your website to highlight information relevant to your practice. 

The point of doing this is to rank high on Google and get your site in front of anyone seeking information on divorce law services.

It is a great way to filter out inquiries because there’s a higher probability that anyone searching the internet for divorce law services is a relevant lead. 


Did you know that your website can be a powerful sales generation tool?

As we have already pointed out, you can use SEO to optimize the content on your official website for increased visibility in Google searches. But that’s not all.

You can significantly increase inquiries and sales by improving other website elements with digital marketing tactics. 

A website element that can substantially impact the sales performance of your website is its design. Website design can influence how potential customers view your brand. It can also determine how they interact with your law practice online. 

In a nutshell, your website design can mean more sales or no sales. And digital marketing can help you identify the best design strategy for capturing your target audience. 


PPC is Google’s per-per-click campaign. PPC has a structure that allows you to pay only for clicks on your ads, not impressions. 

Like SEO Optimization, you can use PPC to place your law practice in front of high-intent leads right when they are looking.

According to studies, over 70% of people who search the internet for an attorney make contact with just one law firm. With that in mind, you can use PPC to stand out and direct more clients to your website. 

At Revolution AD Services, we focus our service efforts on deploying strategies that help attorneys and law firms get the most out of PPC. 


When uncertain about how digital marketing can help your law practice, the best thing to do is to outline your goals. 

Before long, you will realize digital marketing offers an easier and more efficient way to help you do all you need to achieve those goals.  

We understand that being an attorney comes with so much work. So, asking you to make time to figure out digital is asking for too much.

Thankfully, there’s no need for that. That’s because you can rely on Revolution AD Services to use digital marketing to transform your law practice for the better.

Head to the service section of our website to see how our services can help you. 

Lastly, don’t forget to leave your questions (if you have any) in the comments section.

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