The real secrets to content marketing success for attorneys and law firms.

Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing? 

Is it beneficial for attorneys and law firms? 

These are two questions we frequently get from clients/potential clients within the legal industry. Today, we will answer both and look into content marketing practices that top attorneys and law firms use to attract more clients. 

To begin, here is the answer to the first question.

Content marketing involves creating and sharing helpful/valuable digital content such as videos, text, images, and audio files to generate interest from a specific audience or target market. 

Before we tell you whether content marketing works for attorneys and law firms, let’s first look into the state of global content consumption. 

According to an article published by Forbes, the average person spends 7 hours, about a third of their day, consuming content online. 

An example of what the average person does inside those 7 hours can include running search queries like these: 

When to hire a litigation attorney.

Top law firm in California.

Do you see where this is going? Imagine your private practice or law firm ranking on the first page of such queries. That would translate into increased visibility and authority and, as a result, more clients. 

So, yes, content marketing is beneficial to attorneys and law firms. And now that you know, it is time to look into some of the most effective content marketing strategies for attorneys and law firms.

Target Audience Identification and Research 

People everywhere have all kinds of needs. Some people need medical attention; some others need professional Website Design Services. That is the order of things. 

As a legal practitioner, your ideal target audience consists of people that need your services or unique skill set. And it is crucial that you correctly identify such people. 

Since content marketing is mostly about providing value, you cannot offer value to people that don’t find whatever content you are putting out valuable. 

Let’s say your legal practice or law firm specializes in real estate cases. It makes sense to identify the people in the real estate demographic who could potentially need legal representation. 

Upon identifying these people, the next thing to do is research them. 

  • Which Social Media platforms do they use? 
  • What questions are they asking? 
  • Are they having/have they had problems with finding fitting legal representation? 

Answering questions like these equips attorneys and law firms with the required direction and levels of precision for implementing effective content marketing campaigns. In truth, any attorney or law firm can attract more potential clients by sharing relevant audience-specific content. 

While identifying and researching the ideal audience can be overwhelming for attorneys and law firms. You may have to use tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and Hubspot. Still, negligence is not advisable if you are serious about success. 

Are we suggesting that you have to share time between providing excellent legal services and figuring out how to use advanced Digital Marketing tools? Of course not! 

All you need to do is find a reputable Digital Marketing Agency to help get the job done. 

Investing in a High-quality Website 

Imagine you want to cook some delicious pasta but have a bad pot or no pots in your kitchen. If you go all out to source the most exotic spices and ingredients without investing in solving your pot problem, all your efforts will go to waste. 

The same analogy applies when attorneys and law firms proceed with content marketing without investing in high-quality websites. 

Without a great website, your content will have little to no impact, regardless of its value. And that is because most people won’t bother to check your content if your website is subpar. According to a Hubspot study, at least 4 out of 10 people will exit a website due to poor functionality. 

Successful attorneys and law firms invest in world-class websites to guarantee better audience-content interactions and outcomes with their target audiences. 

Pro tip: Invest in a professional-looking website before embarking on a content marketing campaign for your law firm or private practice. 

Search Engine Optimization 

Yes, good old SEO. We could not resist including it in this article due to its significant role in successful content marketing for law firms. Sharing content to help and engage your target audience is good, but successful content marketing requires more. And in this case, more means optimizing content to rank high in search engines like Google.

Content Optimization involves using keywords to make your content rank high for visibility. For some context, there are about 2 billion websites on the internet. So the absence of an effective content optimization strategy for your law firm can place your content at the risk of getting lost or hard to access.

But is SEO necessary if your content checks all the boxes of high-quality content? The answer is an unequivocal yes. Regardless of quality, content can only fulfill its purpose when it is accessible to your target audience. At the moment, optimizing your content for SEO is your best bet for ensuring accessibility.

Again, like other strategies discussed in this article, attorneys and law firms are better off getting professionals to handle their content optimization needs. That is what successful legal practitioners and establishments do. 

Content Marketing Documentation

Before starting any content marketing campaign for your law firm, do well to write down your goals and how you plan to achieve them. On the surface, this may seem irrelevant, but psychology proves otherwise.

According to a Harvard Business Study, people who document their goals are three times more successful in achieving them than people who don’t. Since it is people running your law firm, the reality of the stat above also applies to you. In essence, starting your content marketing campaign by outlining your objectives and execution strategy is a recipe for success.

On the other hand, without set goals and plans to drive your content marketing campaign, you won’t be able to measure key performance metrics. Consequently, there will be no accurate way to identify aspects of your strategy that require modifications or complete change.

Most attorneys and law firms have the final say about what goals they want to achieve and document, but when it comes down to creating an effective execution plan, the most successful ones rely on marketing experts for great results.

You, too, can (should) rely on digital marketing experts for optimal results, but be sure to work with only those who understand the power of content marketing documentation. 

Tracking and Optimizing Content Marketing Efforts 

You can always do better than you have already done. That is the one mindset that separates top law firms and attorneys from the bunch. It also explains why they have a tradition of tracking their content marketing campaign efforts to identify where they can make improvements. When it comes to content marketing, it is never okay to get your campaign underway and call it a day.

You have to track performance to ascertain whether your efforts are yielding desired results. That way, you can identify effective strategies and dial up on them. You can also identify those that are ineffective and make the appropriate changes or modifications.

Ultimately, the goal is to optimize your strategy for driving the level of growth you desire from your legal content marketing efforts. 

Are You Ready to Utilize Effective Content Marketing Strategies for Your Law Firm or Private Practice? 

We hope that we have sufficiently illustrated the value of content marketing and how it drives success for attorneys and law firms. Moreover, we hope you see reasons to take content marketing more seriously and level up your approach.

You don’t have to figure it all out yourself. R3volution AD Services is here to help you through every step. Our industry-leading content marketing team will work closely with you (your law firm) to visualize your goals and work out a feasible execution approach. Do not hesitate to reach out about your needs and possible concerns. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

As always, we would love to hear from you. So don’t forget to share your questions and thoughts in the comments section. See you soon!

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